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August 10 2012

Mój facet niema czasu oglądać się za innymi kobietami, bo musi stale oglądać się za facetami, którzy oglądają się za mną.

Tags: fun
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August 05 2012

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Tags: fun
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July 30 2012

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Tags: fun
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July 29 2012

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Czelabińskie Mojito
Tags: fun
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Tags: fun
8697 53af
Tags: fun
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July 25 2012

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Tags: fun
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July 17 2012

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Tags: fun
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July 10 2012

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Tags: fun
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April 13 2012

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Tags: fun

April 10 2012

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Tags: fun
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April 08 2012

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Tags: fun
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March 26 2012

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Tags: fun
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March 19 2012

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Tags: fun
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March 17 2012

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Tags: fun
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March 16 2012

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Tags: fun
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March 03 2012

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Tags: fun
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March 02 2012

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Tags: fun
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February 11 2012

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Tags: fun
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